Žádné plastové znečištění z vašeho Minerálního sunbloku. Amazinc! Minerální tyčka je balená do kartonové tuby, aby neprdukovala odpad!

  • Informations

    30 grams of strong shield. AMAZINC! SUN STICK is the real deal between the sunblocks and the strongest in our portfolio. Sun Stick is simply extra thick protection for extra long sessions under heavy sun light.


    SUN STICK formula is made thicker to stay on even when you accidentally touch your face or wipe your nose.


    We added to our SUN STICK a MINERAL SHIELD compound (Mixture of Zinc oxide, Magnesium oxide and Kaolin), which provides functional, nature–friendly and sustainable sun protection. SUN STICK is now smoother to apply on your face. 


    Packed in cardboard tube AMAZINC! SUN STICK is perfect mixture of functional and sustainable sun protection and close to zero waste packaging!

  • Ingredients

    Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Vit. E. Rosmary oil, Cacao Powder (beige color), MINERAL SHIELD (Mixture of NON NANO Zinc oxide, Magnesium oxide and Kaolin)